Huggies Teddy Bear Cuddles


While Creative Director in Vietnam I was asked to lead the team to create a ‘PR stunt’ showcasing the premium quality of Huggies Gold. Research had told us that Vietnamese mums didn’t see the value in paying extra for nappies. To them nappies were nappies, so why the extra cost? We also found out that once they felt the nappies that many could actually feel the softness and how the design and structure of the nappy avoided redness and sores.

So we had an idea, a combined emotional hook with a rational claim. We created a Teddy Bear made from the soft fabric from Huggies Gold. PR stories that showed the making of the teddy bears were seeding via Zalo and Facebook. We brought the conversation in-store with mums where these soft toys could be given to your baby after a purchase. Mums became walking ambassadors for the brand. We also tied into our ‘brands with purpose’ program were Huggies Nappies and Teddies given to less fortunate in more rural places throughout Vietnam. Gaining even more media exposure. An idea that truly makes Huggies; a huggable brand with Teddy Bear Huggies.


Creative Director and Art Director


Unilever Huggies Nappies