Maggi Fish Sauce

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Maggi Fish Sauce 90' digital

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Some work I was involved in from a Creative Director’s perspective, Nestle Maggi new launch of their fish sauce. I was pleased with this piece in the idea and art direction which translated from TV, digital into paid and earned media channels. A complete 360 degree marketing campaign. If you know anything about Vietnam you’ll know the Vietnamese love their food and I mean love their food!! Communities are built around food, the sharing of stories, and families still sit around the dinner table. Which is wonderful to see and hear. We played to that human interaction and it became a good way to share our story from Maggi on how they salt and barrel their black anchovies from Phu Quoc this gives its unique premium taste


Creative Director, art director.


Nestle, Vietnam, Asia


2018, Vietnam.


Food, FMCG, Nestle, Maggi