Had to re-educate mums, and dispel the myth that Ribena is bad for your kids teeth - I came up with the thought; 'Rich in Vitamin C, rich in memories' visuals were of kids being kids. The 'liquid C' was used on all their packaging from the success of this campaign.

Ribena print ad

Full online integrated campaign for Brisbane Council - the brief was; what would you do online if BC ever introduced compulsory dog regos and training schools for ALL dogs. This work won the pitch.

This was about education and facts around controlling all dogs- the thinking tapped into what alot of owners always say; 'My dog is well behaved and not aggressive' I wanted to change that thinking as many dog attacks are from smaller and perceieved less aggressive dogs, and usually it's the first time.

Ideas should always start with a sketch


Even in the digital age, ideas and thinking should always be put down on paper first. Planning is everything; just ask the kid who builds a sandcastle on the edge of the water. Here is just a small selection of ideas that I have done for some famous brands. I still get a buzz from the smell of magic markers. That blank piece of paper and the sound of marker on the pad, oooh the shiver I get.


Art Director conceptor


Land Rover, Ribena, NSW, Health Channel, National Express