Ambient With A Twist

Ashtrays with a child's face on it placed in pubs. A campaign for the NSPCC

Trendy fashion store- stenciled around EC1

Anti graffiti campaign - 'Put a lid on it, loser' we sprayed over taggers profiles with Disney cartoon - then reposted them on the net- tagged them on Flickr and blogs

Appeared in men's toilets in nightclubs

Appeared in women's toilets

Appeared in men's toilets

Tube poster

Sticker in women's toilets

Commuter power- Protest movement against the train strikes to hit London. The campaign started with A4 stickers plastered around the tube - cost $50 to make and gained masses of media exposure.

Stickers started appearing around the tube- we set up a site where commuters could download the stickers.

Oh how we laughed when it one of the stickers appeared at their HQ. Appeared on news and radio interviews followed.

'Grow up one day' campaign- postcards with peel off stickers - oh how we laughed at the tourist getting lost around London

Our European cousin looks a bit confused after seeing 20 'you are here'stickers

Simple but very effective media placement for Blackmores vits


Ideas can work anywhere – a big fan in working closely with media companies in enhancing my ideas to give them as much impact as possible


Creative – art director


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