To Influence more people, we can create an Instagram account for our Octo that shows his lifestyle. The posts can be cute and funny that reflect our consumer. Some posts we will feature CIMB so that we can educate our consumers on the benefits he gets from using CIMB. We can use famous hashtags to amplify our posts without paying to boost them.

We will have a partnership with Google Maps or any local map service where Octo will appear as a location pointer. Once consumers click on those locations there will be information about the latest promo/discounts that CIMB has to offer. Once they use CIMB they will also receive reward points which they can use for future services.

Emotional and rational reason to interact with Octo – for students by using AR Octo CIMB will be visible on your location map where students can learn and understand the services that CIMB offer at joined partnerships with retail
You can collect points from places where Octo is, in exchange for discount vouchers or even purchase instore.

We will give out small Octo plush toys that kids can interact via CIMB iPad game. The game will have 8 stages where kids will learn financial basics, like how to save & earn money, in a fun and engaging way. Combines online and offline as one customer interaction.

To educate our futures bankers better, we will give them a Octobank device for parents to teach their children how to save money. This is a long term customer engagement, it also reinforces to parents our commitment to saving and better use of their money.

Parents can download OctoBank app at our website. First, parents need to associate their credit card in the app so that they can send money to the Octobank device.

The money will be stored inside the OctoBank device and will be secured with a 2 time passcode. (Only parents can access device whenever the kid ask them too) It works just like their ATM
Some content ideas:
Digital Octo changes depending on event or time
(Chinese NY lucky money, gifts etc.)
Octo asTooth fairy your child is given a personalised message and virtual coins to save Birthday’s
Chores around the house – rewarded through completion – child also gets sent reminders and encouregment


When you have an iconic brand character but only as a stuffed toy, the challenge in the digital age who do we engage our two main audiences, young adults 18-25 to kids 8-15, we created engaging interactions at various digital touch points and over time our business goal was build future long-term customers.


Digital Creative Director


Vietnam, Asia