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Insight: It’s all about the experience. Being there and feeling the positive energy of the crowd at a gig. Knowing you’re only one of a few to have experienced it. You do everything possible to capture it and share it. Feeding off it for days as the energy fades, you think; ‘If only you could bottle it and relive that moment?’

Idea: We’re going to enable a socially active audience to bottle their experiences via mobile and then share it with friends. We’re going to start with festivals. It’s a simple idea, we called it the; ‘YES APP’ the app enables people to check-in, take pictures, and upload them. The app AUTOMATICALLY tags the location and the music been played (via Shazam) along with a date and timeline, the app builds an album of everyone who was there and the soundtracks playlist. You and your mates can relive that gig all over again, thanks to the YES APP!!



Creative Director


Lucozade Energy