Good Ideas That Do Real Good

A lovely warm and fluffy campaign, we help you save with our energy efficient program and that energy saved we will donate back in to your community from schools to hospitals, that way everyone feels warm inside :)

The Victoria Bushfire killed 173 people, with 2,200 homes lost, people needed help and information fast, within 3 days I developed a widget that gave out live news, twitter and photo streams.People could see at a glance up to date events and help.

Users could donate directly from the widget to the Red Cross and then share the widget. For every installed widget there was 722 people who viewed the content from the installation.

Live twitter streams could be seen, giving the public instant updates- with 85,994 views, 1:722 viral ratio and $5,504 donated

When the clocks go back and you get that extra hour why sleep in? Why not donate that hour in 'Give your hour' to help others it can be anything from giving blood to popping down the road for a cup of tea with the old lady living on her own. This space was a place to record and share the hours spent. Go on, it only takes an hour of your life it could change someone's life forever.

Campaign for Victoria Gov to educate people and business on the importance of saving water, the site then guided visitors on how they could help the state.

iPad educational quiz for schools

Share and care

48 sheet poster


People are no longer just buying a product, they are
buying into the brand and its corporate values as well.
A survey revealed that 88% of respondents are more
likely to stay loyal to companies that support social
and environmental issues, with 71% willing to pay
more for a socially and enviromentally responsible
product (2015 Cone Communications Study).

I’ve always been a big fan in giving back to my community if it’s patrolling the beach to keep the public safe from drowning or running a Marathon for a charity, as they say; ‘whatever it takes’

It’s in my nature combined with my online experinece and marketing background I can help others. The power of the internet is a wonderful thing and with the right idea, team and technology you can produce work that really makes a difference. The following peices are just some examples.